Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Self-Doubt Kills Ability

“Self-doubt kills ability.” My daughter works twice a week one-on-one with a basketball trainer on skills development to help her continue to improve and further develop her game. One of her biggest adversaries is her own self-doubt. LC, her trainer, told her the other day, “remember these words, self-doubt kills ability”. These simple words made me reflect on how this is so true in so many parts of our lives. And today, more so than ever given the job market, these words apply so well to the job seeker. As I’m counseling candidates, one of the things I am certain to discuss with them is to not start doubting yourself. Once you doubt yourself and start wondering “what’s wrong with me” other people will notice your lack of confidence. This will come out in an interview situation. You must remember that there are many outstanding professionals seeking jobs. So the problem is not you, but the very challenging job market we are faced with. So don’t allow self-doubt to affect who you are. Go into each interview with confidence and prepared to demonstrate the value you can bring to that organization. And remember, “Self-doubt kills ability.”

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