Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nearing The End Of Another Year...

As we near the end of another year starts a time when people begin to re-evaluate their goals and objectives. Thoughts often turn to starting a job search. Or for many of course continuing the job search. A very common question I get is about resumes. What’s expected in today’s market? You could ask 100 different people and possibly get 100 different answers. In brief, my response is to follow these very simple guidelines:

1. Resumes can be longer than one page though going over three is getting a bit long.

2. Resumes should include two basic elements. They should provide a timeline including dates of employment & employers. They should include success stories &
achievements/accomplishments with each employer. This tells the potential employer what you can do for them.

I would also recommend checking out this article. It includes some very good advice.
Wall Street Journal's Updating a Resume for 2011

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