Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Trends of 2012

A professional recruiter can be a valuable resource. They can be a trusted ally. They can be a true advocate. And they can be a legitimate counselor on one’s journey through their career. Changing technology touches every aspect of our lives and how we do business. It also continues to change how we conduct job searches as a job seeker. However I maintain that every job seeker must have at least one relationship with a trusted recruiting resource available to them in their tool box. How do you select the recruiter that can best benefit you in your career? This week’s blog introduces our next Quick Tip on how to select a recruiter. Below I’d also like to share some thoughts from Dr. John Sullivan, professor of management at San Francisco State University. He states that 2012 will be "The Year of the Mobile Platform".

He forecasts these significant trends during 2012:

• Intense hiring competition will return in selected areas such as medical technologies and social networking services

• Employee retention issues will increase dramatically as turnover rates in high-demand occupations will increase by 25% during the next year

• Social media increases its impact by becoming more data-driven

• Remote work changes everything in talent management as it now makes it possible for most knowledge work and team activities to occur remotely

• The need for speed shifts the balance between development and recruiting towards external talent searching.

• Employee referrals are coupled with social media

• Employer branding returns

Dr. Sullivan states that the talent management leader must be more strategic, more proactive and more business-like, and that means getting the entire staff to begin thinking about and planning for the game-changing events, trends and opportunities.

Quick Tip: Selecting a Recruiter

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