Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's a Small World?

I was speaking with a candidate today and we were sharing stories. I had been working until 10:00pm the night before and up at 3:30am the next morning. I told him that I just can’t go to bed until my In-Box is empty. Which lead us to sharing more stories about remote access while on vacation...we are always truly connected! While we both admitted that was not anything we were personally concerned with, we are certain it drives our wives and kids nuts at times. This conversation was quite timely for a couple reasons. First because I’m getting ready to head off on our annual Disney Cruise for spring break. Staying connected at sea is about as challenging as it comes. Not only is the connection painfully slow, but expensive. I always get a bit anxious this time of year with the anticipation of that connection battle. As I am thinking about Disney I come across an interesting article in Rough Notes that not only talks about our technology-driven environment, but in the first paragraph even refers to the classic Disney song, “It’s a Small World”. Wow, that’s a little scary! But, the article is interesting and brings up some very good points:

"Skype, social networking, and instant messaging have made the world much smaller—but in this super-charged, technology-driven environment, what has happened to customer service? Are insurance professionals doomed to dwindling importance and eventual removal from the sales and service process?"

Check out the article. It's a good read.
High Tech, Low Touch: What's Happening to Customer Service in the Digital Age? by Jaye Casper

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