Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nonverbal Cues - Fingernails and Relaxers??

Oh the stories. Finger nails and pre-interview relaxers...

This week’s Quick Tip reminds me of a couple more stories. These are not typical, but as I said last week...definitely a testament that I’ve seen it all throughout the years! Things not to do in and before a personal interview are illustrated by these two real life examples.

So I get a call from an industry professional. They are traveling through my state and said they’d like to stop in and see me. So we set up a time. The individual arrives right on time, we enter our conference room, sit down across the table from each other and began to talk. Immediately I noticed that the person would not make eye contact with me. Okay, something they definitely needed to work on, but not too alarming. I was thinking to myself this is coachable behavior. Then, not too far into the conversation that individual began to pick at their finger nails. By the time we wrapped up, they literally had a pile of torn nails on the table in front of them...

Next up, the pre-interview lunch including a drink to relax the nerves?? So the candidate is set-up for a face to face interview. Everything is confirmed and ready to go. After the interview the client contacted me and told me that the candidate smelled of alcohol. Not a good first impression of course. I spoke to the candidate and they told me that they had stopped for lunch on the way to the interview. They told me that they had one drink to calm their nerves. Whether it was one drink to calm the nerves or something else, it was not a wise decision to go in smelling of alcohol.

While these are extreme examples, they are real life stories that illustrate very important points. Here is part 2 of my Quick Tip on face to face interviews. For additional ideas and suggestions for preparing for an interview please visit our website at www.csgrecruiting.com.

View Quick Tip: Part II of Face-To-Face Interviews
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