Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Timing is Everything

Let’s talk about timing. Timing has so much to do with many things in our everyday lives. For example, we knew that we wanted to trade in our vehicle due to ongoing problems. We met with the dealer on Thursday last week. Identified another vehicle they had in stock. Talked numbers, trade etc. I had been hoping for less of a difference so told the dealer sales rep I would sleep on it. The next morning the “check engine” light came on. Took it in to get checked. Found out that, in simple terms, the transmission went bad. Conservative estimate was $3,500 to repair. Talk about timing. If I had traded the day before I would not have been in that situation. To make matters worse, the warranty had literally just expired. Again, talk about timing.

So timing does indeed play a significant part of our daily lives. This holds oh so true in the job search as well. And that is why I like to discuss timing when I speaking with professionals seeking new opportunities. So much is about timing. When we speak with a professional we may not be aware of anything that particular day. That can change the next day or the day after. Or it may be weeks or months. Now more than ever timing plays a critical factor in the job search. Identifying opportunities is to a great extent all about timing. No doubt this needs to be kept in mind. However being certain you are positioning yourself is an important element to your search. Here is a helpful article from CBSNEWS.com.

LinkedIn: 5 Changes to Make to Your Profile Today (click on link to view full article)

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