Thursday, April 26, 2012

Networking in Your Backyard and Other Ideas...

We all hear and see about networking as being a key strategy in one’s job search. And it is true that most job seekers do secure their next position through their networks. A professional recruiter being a close second. But an active job seeker must use all the tools in the job search tool box these days more than ever before. So this whole networking thing has been talked about and talked about. But no way getting around it, networking is a key resource. I took pause this morning to reflect on some recent things that have occurred with me personally and it made me realize just how interesting a person’s networks can be.

My daughter plays for an AAU basketball team. Everyone looks a bit different out of their business setting, but I thought I had recognized one of the parents of the other girls. Sure enough, this dad happens to be the CEO for a local life & annuity carrier. One of the moms is the head coach for a local university track team. Another father - Assistant Athletic Director at a university. Another in prosthetic sales(artificial hips, knees). Not all of these are relevant to what I do professionally, but interesting just the same. And certainly makes me want to learn about what the other parents do.

Then I meet my new neighbor two doors down and find out that he is staff attorney for a local property/casualty carrier. One of my daughter’s friend’s parent is IT Director for another property/casualty carrier. I wonder what the occupations are of the people I see every morning at the health club? As the result of another networking opportunity my daughter gets an opportunity to meet with a basketball star from the ISU team whom has declared eligibility for the NBA draft. Pretty exciting stuff and all the result of networking.

While on a spring break trip in March with my family we meet another family. The dad is a partner with a large asset management firm in NYC. I’ve been networking with him recently trying to come up with some ideas for a risk management professional who has a strong background in real estate. Another opportunity to network.

Then as timing would have it, one of my staff passed along an interesting article related to networking from this morning - 5 New Ways to Network (That You Won't Dread).

Check it out. So, who do you know?

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  1. Great timing. I picked up my phone and checked LinkedIn as a break from reading Never Eat Alone. As it has been said, when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Keep up the interesting, informative and encouraging posts. They are great. Thanks.
    J.T. Haas