Friday, May 25, 2012

Actuarial Profession at 0% Unemployment?

One my staff popped into my office the other day anxious to share some sort of news. Big smile on his face. Now seeing Scott beaming with excitement is not unusual. However what he had to share was quite different than the typical tidbit about one of his three young children. He proudly exclaimed, “Hey Scot you should do more actuarial recruiting.” Intrigued, I asked why. He said that he just read an article that his wife forwarded to him stating that the actuarial profession has 0% unemployment. My immediate reaction was to chuckle. So I asked him to forward the article to me. He did and after reading it, I chuckled again.

Zero unemployment? So I’m wondering where the writer gathered their data from? What source? While I do not recruit exclusively within actuarial and in fact it is a much smaller part of my business than in years past, I do know many actuaries both seasoned in experience, more junior, recent grads and even those preparing to graduate. And I know many quality actuarial candidates that do not have jobs. Recent grads still looking for their first job. Those preparing to graduate with no job lined up. I know many good quality college graduates that have been looking for their first actuarial job for a year, two years, three years or more. I know some that have given up on following their dream.

The actuarial profession is relatively speaking a profession within the insurance industry that is less effected by economic downturns. And certainly a very admirable profession, but 0% unemployment is not a reality of what is actually happening in the job market. Read the article and let me know your thoughts.

4 Degree With 0% Unemployment

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