Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dragging Out Hiring Timeline Can Be A Dangerous Game

To all those hiring managers out there here is a little tidbit for you……heads-up, candidates are being lost due to multiple offers. Within the last two weeks I have had clients lose their number one candidate due to multiple offers. There are two good points from this scenario to bring to light.

First, timing, timing, timing. Over the course of the last five years or so many companies have developed the belief that candidates will be available longer because of the poor economy and job market. So we have seen many of these companies drag out their hiring time line double or triple to what was the norm prior to the economic downturn. Well folks, you are playing a dangerous game. Both of these recent situations each company could have avoided if they would have shortened their time frame by even just a couple weeks. Of course there are unavoidable delays that can occur. What I am suggesting and actually recommending is that you do not stall out the process just for the sake of stalling it out. If you can make a decision in four weeks, do it instead of sitting on it for eight.

Second, is the job marketing turning? I am not suggesting that and frankly I don’t believe it is. But there is one consistent theme throughout any economy good or bad. Good people are hard to find. Your top candidate is likely a top candidate for other companies as well. Many who may be your biggest competitor(s). Why risk the chance of your competition getting the person you want if it simply means moving a little faster?

Every candidate dreams of having multiple job offers. These days it is not the norm no matter how in demand your skills may be. What is more common is offers coming in staggered. Because of the uncertainty of the market, the offer that comes in first is the offer typically accepted. Don’t come in second place when you could secure your candidate by moving quicker. Hiring decisions are important and the selection process must be thorough and well planned. I respect the process. But just throwing out a little heads up, if you want the candidate move towards that goal by making sure your timeline is as short as reasonably possible.

Any similar experiences you’d like to share?

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