Monday, July 23, 2012

No Substitute for Résumé

Okay, here’s one for you. In my last blog I discussed proper email etiquette. Let’s take that another step. I receive a very nice email from a job seeker. The email is professional and well written. They used proper spelling, grammar & punctuation. They did a nice job outlining the reason for them contacting me. So the message was clear, understood and well received. Perfect, right? Typically when I receive such a message the sender also includes their resume. So as usual I read the message and then open the attachment. To my surprise is a recipe for chocolate chip cookies!

Then there are the emails I receive, again the email text is well done, however they attach a resume and cover letter(separate attachments). The cover letter is addressed to a different company and different contact than me. Now for me these aren’t huge problems. However for a potential employer receiving these boo boos it could easily eliminate the job seeker from being considered.

So the message here is quite simple. First, keep your recipes in a separate folder. Second, proof your emails for accuracy in every way before sending them.

To illustrate my point even further take a look at this interesting mistake made by this job seeker…

No Substitute for Résumé, The Wall Street Journal

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