Thursday, August 23, 2012

Interviewing 101

Here in the Midwest we have had several weeks of record breaking temperatures and heat indexes. Now we have experienced a cooling and on a couple days it has gotten down right chilly. Kids are back in school, temperatures are changing and the sports section of the newspaper is pretty much dedicated to football. Must mean only one thing, we are headed to fall. With summer quickly becoming a speck in our rearview mirrors, hiring managers are becoming more available with summer vacations all but done. Searches delayed by schedules and thoughts returning to filling critical staff vacancies brings about a refocus on hiring decisions. This is a perfect time to refresh on interviewing 101.

You are never too experienced in your profession, never too high up the org chart to not take time to be prepared for an interview. Presentation in an interview is critical to securing an offer. Doesn’t matter if you are a File Clerk or a CEO. Why take chances? Taking a lax approach to an interview never ends well. The details count. Every last one of them. That’s why I felt coming across this article was perfect timing. It articulates very well things to avoid in an interview. What are some other suggestions you can think of?

Kiplinger's 7 Job Interview Pet Peeves

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