Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Zeroing in on Opportunities

This morning I was speaking with an accomplished reinsurance veteran. This professional has been employed by mid-sized reinsurers to the largest reinsurer in the world. I always enjoy meeting new insurance/reinsurance professionals. We chatted about the market. We chatted about trends. We shared all sorts of stories. He asked me about all the icons below my email signature line. I told him that when I got into the business we hand delivered resumes when the company was local or we faxed if not local. In some cases we even mailed US Postal Service. Then came along email. Then there was this new thing called the Internet. With every new technology I’ve looked at how it can be used as a tool to enhance how I can be effective. The more effective I am in what I do the better positioned I am to partner with an insurance company seeking talent or the reinsurance professional looking for their next opportunity for instance.

When the Internet was a relatively new concept I saw it as a way to exceed my then current reach into the market. An opportunity to expose myself to areas and people I could not have before. I saw the potential of postings. I utilized these tools to enhance how I could assist those I serve.

One day while on vacation I get an email from a long time Product Manager friend. He told me to check out LinkedIn. At that point there was very little out there. But there again I saw the potential of this new tool to once again enhance how I can serve.

With every new technology I look at it as an opportunity to further increase my abilities to assist people and companies. A big part of that as I explained to this reinsurance professional was simply by building out my networks. Hence the icons. Each represents a network opportunity.

Our conversation continued and he made a comment about our web site. He was complimentary and made an observation about how he felt the Current Opportunities page in particular was easy to use and how you can really zero in on the opportunities you are seeking. I appreciated that feedback as we actually just launched our new web site just a couple weeks ago. Please check it out. We took a great deal of time in considering every aspect of what we put out. Our goal being creating an easy to navigate site with informative and useful information for the insurance community.

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