Thursday, March 29, 2012

Positioning Yourself for Promotion

I recently discussed environment; poor work environments are a big reason why employees leave organizations. This observation created a lot of interest and discussion. I have another observation...Would you agree that when a company has an internal candidate and an external candidate with equal experience and skills, they will promote from within verse hiring from outside? One would hope anyway, right?

This can make it very challenging for those professionals who are looking to make a move from their current employer to a new employer in hopes of actually progressing their career. Are there companies that lack the experience they need internally and need to go outside to make a hire? Absolutely, but more often than not a company will have employees willing and able to take on a new challenge. So making the career progression transition by changing companies is not as common as one might think.

I bring this into discussion as I do from time to time speak with individuals that seem frustrated because their company appears to not have any promotional paths available for them, yet they cannot find success in changing employers and gaining the immediate promotional progression they seek. My advice to these out a company that positions you for promotional opportunities. What does that mean? Companies that are growing are the type of organization such a person should target. Companies that have retirements pending in the near future are companies that one should target as well.

The individual must realize however that this means you may have to take a lateral move position wise to better position yourself for the near future. Many seem hesitant to make such a move. Perhaps it’s pride. Perhaps they just are seeking immediate gratification. However I believe that is a very realistic route for someone that seeks promotional opportunities. You can stay at your current employer frustrated, or you can make a change that positions you to reach your goal.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not Always About the Money...

It’s not always about the money. In fact over the years in this business I’ve found that rarely is it about the money. Typically instead it’s about the environment (assuming the job seeker’s job is not being eliminated). Environment can be created by a supervisor, by the overall culture, by lack of resources, by old systems, by unrealistic expectations, the list goes on. Here is a very well written blog post by one of my staff that relates directly to this very topic. In fact it is so well written, need I say more…

Insurance and All That Jazz: Life Happens.....Does Your Employer Know This?
By Mary Newgard