Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Top Skills in Demand in 2015


While there will be no miraculous turn around in the job market for 2015, within the insurance industry reports are consistent that overall it will be a favorable year for the industry as a whole. There seems to be no one area necessarily expected for significant growth, however there are overall trends across industries towards skills that are seen as desirable in candidates as business needs continue to change and evolve. Here are three skill areas that are expected to be seen as positive in 2015.

Knowing how to crunch data and draw meaningful conclusions from it is vital to many organizations today. There is a rapidly growing demand for talent in the fields of data analytics, statistics and general data analysts.

Knowing how to learn quickly and adapt to a rapidly changing environment are key. Job seekers must have critical thinking, interpersonal and adaptability skills, especially with a rapidly changing market.
Tight budgets mean companies are looking for job candidates who can learn and grow quickly.

SEO and marketing skills are still in demand. There continues to be a hiring trend towards individuals  that have practical skills related to technology and Internet marketing. Knowledge of SEO, database management, Google Analytics and other similar marketing tools is seen as desirable. If a candidate has all of those skills and also knows how to manage creative projects or other content marketing initiatives they could expect to find several opportunities available to them.

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