Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mobile Recruiting

A preview of CSG's mobile 
responsive insurance jobs page
Mobile recruiting should be at the forefront of recruiting managers' and talent acquisition business partners' minds as the continued convergence of mobile and social media have created a significant trend in the use of mobile technology by job seekers.

Recruitment professionals must be prepared to reap the rewards of the powerful digital marketing and engagement channel. But for some it is not clear what the objective is, or how to go about it.

Many companies have moved mobile off the priority list in place of social media. The problem with this approach is that social media has largely become mobile as well.

What do candidates want to do via mobile? Everything. The mobile user already knows the power of their device. The recruitment industry needs to respond to this change in the way job seekers source opportunities.

The recruitment industry’s difficulty is that today’s candidate processing systems are not always mobile friendly. They were designed to solve a different problem: mass volume of resumes sent by email.

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition must maximize candidate engagement via mobile. It’s time to start focusing on mobile as a recruitment channel. Via email and your website, your candidates are already finding new jobs via mobile with you, but the experience is not good. The recruiting industry is lagging far behind other industries when it comes to maximizing potential returns from mobile.

Feel free to check out Capstone search Group's mobile responsive website, to include the Current Insurance Jobs page.

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