Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Who is Alotta Candor?

I was talking to a job seeker yesterday. This individual contacted me about a position I’m working on. When I responded to them they told me had they known I was a recruiter, they never would have contacted me. Ouch. Talk about judging without getting to know someone!

I told the person that I trust they have had a poor experience with a recruiter previously. They told me that they've never had a good experience, and this article they sent to me, summed it up.

This is the type of information floating around the internet that does absolutely no good to anyone. This was written by, do I dare say, someone who has no doubt not done their job correctly on their end. Someone who has become disillusioned and decided to trash everyone in a group. Gee….what do we call that in our society?

I have blogged on a similar topic previously. I'd venture to say we've all had poor experiences with retail professionals, legal professionals, medical professionals, call center professionals, etc. But to say all are bad because of isolated experiences is simply faulty logic. I've been an insurance recruiter for 20 years and I've had less than desirable experiences myself within my own profession. I even wonder how some of these folks stay in business.

In your travels through life you are going to come in contact with people you do not click with, people that do not meet your expectations and/or people that simply put, are just plain terrible at their jobs and probably have no business being in that profession. But to blindly categorize the entire profession is very narrow minded. Sorry I just said that, but I believe it is true. I've had poor experiences with physicians but to go blogging saying all physicians are "this" or "that" is just wrong. That is exactly what has occurred here.

Come on now, this blogger didn't even use their real name…. Alotta Candor?? What does that tell you? Is this even real or did someone have one bad experience and then decided to trash an entire industry.

Bottom line….read my previous blogs regarding selecting the right recruiter. But do not allow your perceptions of a profession be tainted by this junk. 

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