Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Insurance Recruiting is Much the Same as Athlete Recruiting

At the very basic core, athlete recruiting is much the same as recruiting for professionals in the job market. Both are about networking and marketing. Both of which create exposure. Getting seen by the right people. Athletes want to be seen by the coaches and recruiting staff at the schools they wish to attend. Insurance industry professionals want to be seen by the hiring managers at the organizations they have a desire in joining.

Both take strategy and a lot of work. Highlighting the attributes and values you bring to an organization is critical as it is critical for the athlete to highlight the attributes and values they bring to a sports team. The athlete in this video is 5’6” and 115 lbs. Certainly not the biggest or tallest player that can intimidate with their sheer presence such as a Britney Griner; however, she is a strong ball handler and excellent shooter. These are the values she can bring to the game.

A professional recruiter that knows your industry and has strong networks can create controlled and confidential exposure for candidates to the spheres of influence they want to be seen by at organizations. The recruiter can highlight the candidate’s attributes, skills, abilities. The things they bring to the table that can bring great value to an organization. Strategy, networking, marketing are all the name of the game in assisting candidates in finding their next career opportunity. A resume can only tell a hiring manager what they can see on the piece of paper. Someone than serves as a candidate’s advocate can highlight their values beyond what can only be seen on paper.

Okay so this seems to be all about the candidate, right? Not at all. A professional recruiter that knows your industry can cut through all the fluff and get right into what you really want to know about a candidate. Again, it’s about “what can this person do for your team? Your organization?”

Sourcing qualified candidates is a very time consuming task. If you are like most these days you are expected to do more with less. The last thing you need to be doing is spending your valuable resource of time searching and qualifying candidates.

Now, much like the athlete and school recruiters/coaches, the right cultural fit is hugely important as well. Team chemistry whether it be on an athletic team or work team is a key component to whether a new hire or athlete will be successful and bring value or just give you headaches.