Monday, August 3, 2015

What Do Job Seekers Want To Know in a Job Description?

While first and foremost as a recruiting firm we source by networking. Good old fashioned networking. Ultimately it can’t be bet as the best avenue to candidates when engaged on an active search assignment for a partner organization. While we will never stray from rolling up our sleeves and making those network connections, I am a big believer in being everywhere. Creating positive and credible exposure in the market. So part of our standard procedure as we secure non-confidential search assignments from our clients is to “post” these assignments. Our clients’ name is never included and we compose in such a way as to protect the client’s identity as our promise to our clients. Again, I stress this is simply just part of the actual process, but an important part of the philosophy of credible exposure and being visible to those we wish to speak to in the market.

I challenge my staff continually on creating better search assignment write-ups. I get chills up and down my spine when I see job postings that are only a regurgitation of a job description. No better way to bore your reader than a bunch of job description lingo. I get nauseated when I see job postings with a bunch of flowery mumbo jumbo. Sophisticated job seekers don’t want flowery.

Job seekers want to know:
Why would I be interested in this company?
Why would I be interested in this job?
Is this job suitable?

This blog by CareerBuilder is a nice summary of honing in on writing job postings to immediately capture a 
candidate’s interest. 

How to Write a Winning Job Advertisement via The Hiring Site powered by CareerBuiler

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