Tuesday, November 10, 2015

One Stop Shop for the Job Seeker: Career Strategies Quickguide

Through the years I’ve written numerous articles and blogs about various points of the interview process. These information writings have included topics such as the following:

And the list goes on...

I was quite pleased to run across this Career Strategies Quick Guide created by Human Resources Services, Inc. There are endless resources available to job seekers, but what I like about this Quickguide is that it pulls it all together into one simplified resource for the job seeker.

Here it is:

You've all heard the saying "knowledge is power". This is especially true when applied to the interview process. You will have the power it takes to win the job if you enter the interview process prepared!

HRS has proudly released for viewing the revised adaptation of a well-received HRS Career Strategies Quickguide. After extensive research and partnership with thousands of world class corporate hiring authorities plus the successful guidance of tens of thousands through the job search process, we know we've answered here the most critical and frequently asked questions...Click Here to Read More

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