Monday, December 28, 2015

Keep Your Job Search Progressing This Week!

Okay…so Christmas is over and up next is New Year’s. So what can you do the week between Christmas and the New Year’s holiday to keep your job search progressing? A lot of people would answer this by saying, “I’ll just take a break.”  Wrong!  This week can actually be quite productive.

Never fall into the false assumption that nothing will happen this week. Use this time to your advantage to plan, to catch people who were otherwise tied up in year-end meetings.

If your goal for the New Year is to land a new job, don’t wait until January 4th to get things started or restarted. Here are 5 ways to keep a job search going between Christmas and New Year’s:

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December Hiring Myth

December is often mistaken as a month of “nothing happening” on the hiring front. An idea exists that hiring managers push off the selection process until January either to save money on the old year’s budget or to avoid the time associated with starting a new employee during the busy schedule that accompanies end-of-year deadlines and holiday vacations.

But the December myth is just that, a myth. In fact, many hiring managers actually feel increased pressure to fill open slots before the end of the year.

People who wait or think that those December jobs might be available after the first of the year might miss a golden opportunity. The end of the year often brings “use them or lose them” deadlines at many companies. If hiring managers don't fill open positions before the New Year, they risk losing the open slots.

So what should your company do to be certain the hiring process doesn’t slow down during December?  Here are some things to consider.

1.     Is your website mobile responsive? With the smart phone, many people do not even use a laptop anymore.

2.     Once the candidates can find the jobs, how easy is it for them to apply? Too many pages and forms to fill out and candidates will move on to a more user-friendly job opening.

3.     Do you have an employee referral program? Do your employees know what it is? Share this information with your employees on a regular basis.

4.     Avoid scheduling challenges for interviews when hiring managers are traveling. Thanks to the accessibility of video conferencing capabilities, many resources are available to conduct the interviews via video conference. Utilize this tool to your advantage during this time of year.

5.     Don’t let a lot of time go by from the first time you interview the candidate to the second interview. If you like the candidate, move quickly in the interview process. Chances are that you are not the only company who is interested in hiring this person.

6.     Make certain your hiring managers are educated on the state of the current job market. It should be a priority to interview candidates as soon as possible or risk losing the great candidates to proactive hiring managers.

7.     Flexible contract workers help to fill in the gaps during the hiring process. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Why Should You Always View a Person's LinkedIn Profile Before Accepting Their Request?

There is no question about it, we depend more and more on technology to do our jobs. The technology we use can be a wonderful tool, naturally, but it also creates more opportunity for thieves to gain access to our financial information or infect us with whatever the flavor of the day virus happens to be.

We have to stay on our toes constantly to avoid any number of scams happening on a daily basis. We are all familiar with the emails asking for help because the person is stranded in a foreign country. Typically when I get these I’ve never heard of the person, but today I received one from someone I actually know. Well, their name anyway.

I can spot these things a mile away. But these people doing these scams are getting better and better and more sophisticated all the time. Much of it simply comes down to common sense. But a good rule of thumb is to never open a link emailed to you unless you can verify the source as credible.

These scam artists have now made their way into LinkedIn. It was just a matter of time. But it again is just about being aware. Keeping your eyes wide open. Don’t open links from any one of your connections unless you can verify that this is a real person.

Yes, fake profiles are being added to LinkedIn every day for the sole purpose of scamming you or infecting your computer. Many people simply accept requests from other LinkedIn users without even looking at their profile. So a good word of advice: always check out the person’s profile before you accept the invitation. But review it closely. You might be surprised what you find out.

This applies to recruiters as well. If you get an invite from a recruiter, please check them out. Make certain they are a real recruiter.

To get deeper into this topic I’d like to share a link to an article, How Hackers are using fake LinkedIn profiles to steal your information.

By the way, this is link is from a trusted source, me!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Resume Writing Services: Good Value or Bad Deal?

When involved in a career search every detail is equally important. We talk about the interview process and how to prepare and present. We talk about what to say and what not to say. However, what typically gets you the interview? The marketing piece of course. So what is the marketing piece you ask? It is simply your resume.

If you’ve been job searching for some time without success, it may not be what you’re saying, but how you’re coming across on paper. That’s where a resume writer can be a good resource tool for you.  Resume writers are not just professional writers, but they’re experts in making your resume stand out from the rest of the applicant pool.

Here’s why a resume writer could be a good investment for you.

  1. Let’s say you’re not gifted in the art of writing. Let’s face it, not everyone is, just like everyone can’t be an actuary. Everyone has their individual strengths and weaknesses.
  2. So if crunching numbers and manipulating data is your game and not words, and you find yourself struggling to express your previous work experience...well a resume writer can help. He/she can discern what needs to be on your resume (and perhaps more importantly, what doesn't), and express it all professionally.
  3. You might need an expert to help you through the writing process if you have a hard time talking about yourself, much less writing it all down on paper. There's no shame in getting help with this because writing about yourself is one of the toughest assignments, and you're often your own worst critic.
  4. A professional resume writer will know how to spotlight your most worthy accomplishments because they are looking at them with fresh, unbiased eyes. Let them turn your resume into something that’s personable and professional. 

If you want to make a professional resume, take advantage of resume writing services. All people who are either weak in writing or cannot organize their ideas, thoughts, experiences and qualifications, can take assistance of these resume writing services. However, you should take care of the reputation of the service providers. This is an internet world and you will come by hundreds of fraudulent service providers who are after your money.

We have come across a service that we feel comfortable recommending to job seekers. If you need assistance with your resume check out Pinnacle Resumes. You can learn more about Pinnacle Resumes by clicking here.