Friday, January 15, 2016

Action Items for a Great Professional Start to 2016


You’re happy with your current employment situation. That’s great news. You’re not pleased with your current employment situation. It happens. That’s okay. There are a number of reasons why that may be.

Regardless of your situation go into the new year with a fresh perspective. Change up your office space even if just a few tweaks. Tidy up. Reorganize. Hang a new picture on the wall. Replace a chair. Replace another piece of office furniture. Get new up to date pictures on your desk of your family or pet(s).

In addition here are some action items to get your year off to a great start:

Review the past year. Oftentimes we forget to recognize our own successes before moving on to the next big thing. Think about what worked for you in 2015 and what did not, then start thinking about what you’d like to do differently in 2016.

Set goals for the new year. You might have thought about new goals at the end of 2015–but as you return to the office this year, really think about where you ultimately want to be in your career and set a plan that will get you there.

Try for unconventional benefits at work.  Companies will be looking for ways to retain their top talent, so try asking for a benefit that you might not have considered before, like a flexible schedule or the option to telecommute.

Reinforce your network. Check in with your close clients and co-workers to let them know you’re back from vacation, and catch up on how they spent their holidays. If you missed the opportunity to send out holiday cards, consider sending out New Year’s greetings.

Be clear on your priorities. This will help in decision making when conflicting demands are made of your time and energies.

Learn to omit the negative and be positive. Omitting the negative means learning from the inevitable negative experiences you will encounter without dwelling on them or letting them consume you. Remember, tough times do not last; tough people do.

Do an audit of your current job. Ask yourself: What do I love about my job? What would I change if I could? What are my road bumps or bottlenecks? How can those be eliminated or improved? What are my goals for 2016?

Try to enhance your brand so that it stays fresh. Have your resume reviewed by trusted industry professionals. Take a good look at your LinkedIn profile. Is it built out correctly? Is the photo up to date? Are you a member of the maximum number of applicable industry groups?

Create a folder to capture your accomplishments. Take the time to create your own way to track your successes to make them easily at hand and top of mind.

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