Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sex Sells

We’ve all heard the old adage that sex sells. In our culture testaments to this influence is everywhere. Yesterday by coincidence or divine intervention, I was witness to two similar but different scenarios that motivated me to take to writing this morning.

Scenario 1

Yesterday on LinkedIn I saw a “conversation” between a couple executives regarding a “recruiter” that had requested to “connect” with one of those executives.  So the conversation between “recruiter” and executive goes something like this:

Executive:Do I know you?
Recruiter: I’m a Recruiter in your industry and it would be good to know each other.
Executive: Why
Recruiter: You are very unprofessional.
Executive: I’m not familiar with you.
Recruiter:  With your attitude I couldn’t help you anyway.

This is not exactly word for word as I’m going from memory, but very similar to how the conversation went between the executive and the supposed recruiter looking to connect on LinkedIn. By the way, while beauty is skin deep and in the eye of the beholder, by most people’s measure, the photo the “recruiter” used was that of an extremely attractive female with cleavage boosting lingerie.

No offense to all the very attractive recruiters out there but typically professional attire is still the most acceptable standard for your internet image verse a provocative cleavage boosting Victoria’s Secret lingerie photo.

Please now read this blog post from a few weeks ago:

Scenario 2

I rarely watch television, however my wife has me hooked on the Investigation Discovery channel.  There is a show called Web of Lies. The stories are real life reenactments of tragedies dealing with the internet. Last night a 16 year old girl accepted a Facebook friend request from a supposed 17 year old boy in the next town over.  They developed an online relationship(boy friend/girlfriend). She had never actually met him in person. She had only seen the photo he provided. He guilted her into sending him some topless photos. Fast forward a couple weeks into the online relationship and she is dead. The 17 year old boy in the next town over was a 39 year old male predator.

So what do these two stories have in common?  Sex sells. The internet can be used to steal your personal information. The internet can be deadly. Let common sense be your judge. Please think before you engage with anyone on the internet.

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