Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Must Read: What Everyone Needs to Know About Social Media (Part-Two)

Part TWO: 6 Ways to Create A Positive Social Media Presence

Create Relevant Profiles
Build professional profiles for yourself that include your job history. LinkedIn is an obvious place for such a profile, but Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are also sites where you can include this kind of information. These profiles should demonstrate not only what you've accomplished, but your strengths and what you can offer future employers. I’d recommend building your LinkedIn profile while you are in college. Start building that online presence early.

Connect with others in your industry. LinkedIn's Groups are an excellent place to do this. Search the directory to find applicable Groups in your industry.  Join those that suit your background and knowledge.  Introduce yourself to the other members. Build your capital by becoming known as a source for industry information. 

Be Engaged
Follow companies in your field on LinkedIn and Twitter so you're automatically notified about new hires, developments, and other news. “Like” companies you’re interested in and join the conversation about industry trends on Facebook. This is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and value to a potential employer.  Steer clear of conversations regarding politics or anything that could become emotionally charged.  Stick to industry related topics.

Be Known As Resource
Help out others by answering questions, making introductions. It's very apparent if you have a one-sided "what's in it for me?" mentality. Build your social capital by regularly answering questions on LinkedIn and provide links to great content on Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t Ask For A Job
Keep your name in front of people in a position to help your career. However, do not ask people outright for a job. Make connections with the right people and let them see you are an intelligent, qualified candidate by updating your statuses several times a week, providing content to the groups you join, and tweeting about that interesting article you just read.

Make A Plan
It's also important to have a game plan in mind when you set out to use these sites as part of a job search. In other words, plan your online activity as part of each day.  Each part of your job search must be organized and disciplined.

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