Monday, February 1, 2016

Looking Ahead: Materializing Job Trends

Every year I like to explore things I’ve seen first-hand through my constant interaction with hiring managers, human resource professionals as well as insurance industry professionals at all levels. In just the end of 2015 Q4 and very beginning stages of Q1 2016 I’ve seen some very interesting trends materializing in the market. 

Here is a list of 4 things I have seen from my interactions:

1.     Over the years I’ve seen at least half of my client companies have a policy against rehires. However... I’ve seen a shift in that now a majority of companies have become accepting of former employees returning. This trend seems to be happening because professionals are switching jobs more often, and the access to talent through technology is greater than ever before.

2.     I met with the CEO of an organization a few weeks back and one of the things he mentioned was that over the next couple years they will be experiencing a significant number of executive retirements. Succession planning and next generation leadership development will be a priority in 2016.

3.     I was speaking with a long time client who is a human resources professional, they lost three employees to competitors. In the exit interviews each employee headed out was consistent as to why they were leaving. Nothing to do with the company or the pay. The only reason they were leaving was because the other company was allowing them to work remote. More employees are willing to switch employers based on the flexibility programs. With the rise of telecommuting, co-working spaces, new technology tools, workers are demanding flexibility.

4.     Further increase in the utilization of contract staff by employers. We’ve seen this on the list every year for the last few years. 2016 is no exception. The continued rise in Contract Staffing will prevail as companies accept this as a solution to employee leaves of absence, particularly busy periods of the year and/or special projects where extra help is needed.

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