Monday, March 7, 2016

A Must Read: What Everyone Needs to Know About Social Media (Part-Three)


Watch your grammar
Using poor language or speaking badly about people or constantly complaining will not win you any points with hiring managers.

Don't showcase your “party on” ways
Recruiters and hiring managers understand that people have social lives, so the occasional drinking picture is okay. What's not okay is drug use or other illegal activities portrayed right on public Facebook profiles.

Follow companies you want to work for
Following companies that you want to work with is a very good way to stay in tune with the job market and stay visible to that employer. Sharing articles of interest will also get you noticed as someone the recruiter would want to work with. It means you have your finger on the pulse and you're passionate about the industry.

Don't display extremist beliefs
Extreme religious or political expressions, including bigotry (even if it's in jest), are red flags. Add to the list, tactless humor. These may seem obvious, but the Facebook environment lends to its users a false sense of privacy.

Build your brand
Don't forget that your Facebook profile can also help you build yourself up. By posting professional type photos of yourself and your status updates depict your enthusiasm and involvement in your career will be beneficial to you.

Don't badmouth your boss, company or your job
Candidates need to be very careful about what they post on Facebook or any social media site. Don’t complain about your boss or current company and don’t post about how bored you are at work.

Don't stretch the truth about your social media skills
Stay honest about your social media skills.  For example, a digital media professional that has nearly no Facebook friends, never posts and looks to have no understanding of the social network leaves a hiring manager wondering about their true understanding of social media.

 I have decided to add a bonus to the three-part series on social media. Watch for it next week!

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