Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Benefits of Surveillance, Social Media in Workers’ Comp Claims Investigations

Social media is deeply integrated into our society.  Individuals and businesses alike are using these applications to connect. From following celebrities to scoring deals from your favorite stores, the use of social media extends far and wide, all from the touch of your smart phone or click of the mouse. Despite the ever-growing applications for social media, one thing remains constant: people are using various websites and applications to share their lives online. In fact, many people use multiple social media applications simultaneously to share posts and photographs, and the “#” symbol has taken on a whole new meaning with the ability to “hash tag” reference any word or phrase. While the information available through these applications can seem overwhelming, such content can be an extremely important resource when handling and defending against personal injury claims and lawsuits.

In addition, social media can also be used along with surveillance in the investigation of suspicious work comp claims. Though using surveillance in claims handling can be an expensive, it is still an invaluable tool.

Social media can add value in an investigation by offering a photo of the injured person so the subject can be correctly identified prior to surveillance. In addition, investigators can use social media sites to documents activities in which the injured may be involved. If there is a question as to the residence of an individual, social media may reveal a photo taken in front of a house. Through online research, the address can be determined and verified.

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