Tuesday, June 7, 2016

4 Reasons College Graduates Should Consider an Insurance Career

College graduates may not think of insurance as the most glamorous industry in America, but the insurance industry does offer stability, challenge and growth to those who choose the profession. I realize not a lot of college students today are saying, “I can’t wait to work in insurance.” However, to the college graduates, there are a lot of benefits and advantages in insurance that you don’t have in other industries! Take the following four as examples:

The talent in the insurance industry is graying. It is estimated that nearly 60% of the insurance industry’s current employees are older than the age of 45 and that by the year 2020, there will be more than 400,000 job opportunities. Those are some substantial numbers and these numbers are on many insurance employers’ mind. The industry is hungry for young, driven talent to fill the pipelines before their current staff disappears.

Job Security
The insurance industry provides a considerable amount of job security. There will always be a need for insurance. Insurance is fairly recession-proof because insurance companies tend to be fiscally conservative and Americans need insurance whether the economy is up or down. And since insurance firms are often mutual companies they can launch sophisticated and aggressive information technology strategies, routinely support safety education and tend to have close ties to their local communities.

Job Variety
Insurance is everywhere! You won’t be limited to a particular list of major cities. The insurance industry is a major U.S. employer, providing some 2.5 million jobs that encompass a wide variety of careers, from human resource administrators to public relations managers to financial analysts. Some jobs, such as claims adjusters, actuaries and insurance underwriters, are unique to the insurance industry. Whatever your passion is, you can pursue it in the insurance field. Many sales and underwriting professionals in the industry pursue their interest specializing in advising for not-for-profit organizations, tech companies, medical professionals, breweries, etc. Being able to relate and understand how a business works is the essential feature of what makes an insurance professional great.

The insurance industry serves to protect people’s financial situation. Insurance is all about managing risk and providing financial compensation in the event of a loss. You will find insurance organizations are commonly committed to serving the communities where they do business. Insurance companies rebuild lives and lifestyles after disasters, improve and support education in communities, and dedicate themselves to a culture of active communal engagement and volunteerism throughout the country.

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